Conclusions from 2023 to prepare for 2024

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December 26, 2023- by Steven E. Greer

This was a terrible year for me in many ways, which I will not bore you with. I think most people had an awful year as inflation hit hard and the Fourth Reich amped up the totalitarianism. 2024 could be worse.

In order to prepare for 2024, one must look back and see where we have been. I will break it down into months and categories.


January began with drama in the new Republican House as Rep. Matt Gaetz refused to allow Kevin McCarthy to be elected as Speaker of the House (Pelosi lost control last November). After many rounds of voting, McCarthy finally prevailed, but only after promising to fall in line with the Freedom Caucus. He betrayed those promises, as will be detailed later.

Meanwhile, the Democrats were still using their January 6th “Insurrection” hoax as a ploy, they thought, to get Trump thrown off the ballot in 2024. Some Harvard law genius no doubt advised them that the 14th Amendment, created after the Civil War to address the Confederates, would make Trump ineligible to hold office if he was found to be guilty of “insurrection”. This lame plot would lead to many of the important events throughout the year.

The Davos crowed of the WEF, the ones behind the Fourth Reich controlling the White House and most corporate globalists, suffered their first blow of the year when their Davos, Switzerland confabulation was a failure. Too many people had become wise to Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, etc. as being men simply trying to depopulate the world and take control.

Pfizer, the WEF subsidiary pushing the COVID “vaccines”, began to falter as the safety risks of the gene therapies became exposed with deaths of famous people. In January, rock star Jeff Beck and Elvis’s daughter Lisa Marie both died. During an important primetime NFL playoff game, Buffalo Bill’s player Damar Hamlin dropped dead from cardiac arrest, but was revived. However, millions saw it and knew what happened.


In February, most people began to see how the NFL rigs games according to a script, like professional wrestling. The Super Bowl was a joke, complete with a Black National Anthem.

As the Fourth Reich stumbled out of Davos, their leaders decided to amplify the radicalness.

In an elaborate action eerily similar to a Netflix movie with the same plot (i.e., predictive programming?), a train full of toxic chemicals that create the same nerve gas as used in World War 1, phosgene, somehow derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. It was a rural pro-Trump town. Then, unbelievably, some powerful people convinced the RINO governor, Mike DeWine, to give a press conference announcing that he was allowing the train company to set the derailed cars on fire in a “controlled burn”. A huge mushroom cloud developed for days, turning the town into a hazardous waste site, which had to be abandoned. Supporting the theories that the Fourth Reich was behind it all, their puppets, Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg, refused to allow FEMA to offer assistance. To this day, the citizens who lost their homes have received no emergency funding.

Biden was also embarrassed when a Chinese spy balloon was allowed to float across the entire country collecting data. The U.S. military did nothing to stop it. Many believed that this was a stunt to show the world that the CCP controls Biden, which would be seen again later in the year.

Pfizer’s woes continued as investigative journalist James O’Keefe caught an employee bragging about how their labs create virus mean to harm humans. O’Keefe was subsequently ousted from his own company. Then, as the gene therapy adverse events became more pronounced, universities and cities dropped their vaccine mandates.

As COVID fearmongering lost its effect, “Climate Crisis” became the new pretext for the Fourth Reich to impose emergency powers and subvert democracy. But Mother Nature kept embarrassing them. In California, snow and rain filled the reservoirs, reversing years of drought.


In March, Lori Lightfoot, the DEI token mayor of Chicago, got tossed out of office in a landslide defeat at the polls. It was another blow to the WEF and the Obamas.

Tucker Carlson released some of the security camera footage from the U.S. Capitol exposing the January 6th “insurrection” as a hoax staged by Pelosi. Elon Musk also released a series of “Twitter Files” internal emails showing how the Deep State was controlling social media and censoring Americans.

Then, reality began to set in after decades of Central Banks rigging the economy. One huge bank after the other failed. SVB, Credit Suisse, Signature, and First Republic became the biggest banks ever to fail. Benefitting were the megabanks like JPMorgan that acquired to assets.

Sensing an opportunity to replace the U.S. Dollar as the global currency, Russia and China began to team up to promote the currencies of the BRIC nations.

In politics, every time the House exposed corruption related to the Biden family, the weaponized DOJ retaliated with meritless legal attacks to Trump. The Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg, filed criminal charges against Trump based on absurd allegations that he undervalued his real estate assets. This would be the first of several such lawfare attacks throughout the country by crooked prosecutors given the task of preventing Trump from becoming re-elected.


In April, the WEF lost another leader. Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin was ousted. China also labeled George Soros as a “terrorist”.

Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI, which created the artificial intelligence product called ChatGPT, shocked the world with its ability to replace humans in many jobs. Elon Musk, who helped get OpenAI started, warned the world of AI.

Pfizer and Moderna continued to struggle as more celebrities became injured or killed. Jamie Foxx suffered a stroke and was in the hospital for a long time. When Tucker Carlson began to criticize Pfizer, the Deep State likely made Fox News fire him, just as they did with James O’Keefe.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. launched his presidential campaign, starting out as a Democrat. This author became involved in the campaign. Then, Fox News made a bizarre settlement in the defamation lawsuit brought by the Dominion voting machines. Supposedly, they agreed to pay almost $1 Billion, which made no sense (It was rumored that the Tucker Carlson firing was part of the settlement).


In May, The WEF lost another stooge leader, Mark Rutte, the PM of The Netherlands. This was a crucial blow because the Fourth Reich was eying turning the country into a megacity by stealing farm land.

The WHO officially declared an end to the COVID pandemic. The CDC’s Director, Gayle Walensky, jumped ship as it became clear that the “vaccines” were driving excess death rates. Actor Ray Liotta “died suddenly”. The Healthcare Channel started the ball rolling to get the vaccines removed from the market by exposing them as really being DNA gene therapies. Then, Bobby Kennedy explained how Trump’s “Warp Speed” effort to rush the “vaccines” to market was all part of a military operation in the works ever since September 11, 2001 created The Patriot Act. The NSA runs Warp Speed and the vast propaganda effort. Military labs manufacture the gene therapies, not Pfizer or Moderna.

The WEF scored a mild win by having King Chuck coronated after his mother, Queen Elizabeth, died of blood clots likely caused by the gene therapies. As an integral “stakeholder” in the WEF, he is as globalist and antidemocratic as it gets.

John Durham, the “special counsel” assigned years ago to expose the Hillary Clinton Russia hoax used against Trump, waited until it was too late to prosecute anyone and released a report proving that it was all a complete hoax started by the Hillary campaign. Congress and the DOJ did nothing.

In Wall Street, seven tech stocks became wildly overvalued and became known as the Marvelous Seven. Nvidia, the company that makes computer chips to run AI programs grew into a $1 Trillion market cap company. Not doing so well was the maker of Bud Light beer, which saw a boycott after it used a male crossdresser for an ad campaign to promote the LGBTQ communist agenda. Pfizer stock also reached new lows.


In June, The WEF losses mounted as stooges Boris Johnson in the UK and Nicola Sturgeon in Scottland were ousted and came under criminal investigation. Boris had already been replaced as the PM and was now completely out of Parliament in disgrace. Sturgeon was briefly arrested for unclear reasons.

Pfizer was hurt more as data showed an increase in heart failure deaths. It was then revealed that the company bribed CNN’s Anderson Coper with $12 Million to promote the vaccines on the air.

The weaponized DOJ continued with its banana republic ways by having “Special Counsel” Jack Smith indict Trump for no reason. It was some vague “conspiracy to obstruct justice”. He was arraigned in New York, which is the first time anything like it had occurred to a President of the United States. A pattern also emerged. Every time the House uncovered Joe Biden bribery and corruption, the DOJ would retaliate against Trump.

Ukraine continued to receive billions of dollars from the U.S. to supposedly fight Putin, but the money was clearly being laundered and stolen by Ukrainians buying mansions. Related, the Pentagon admitted that Ukraine has 46 U.S. bioweapons labs in it, confirming what Putin stated previously.


In July, things got ugly for the Fourth Reich and CCP’s Manchurian President. On the White House balcony, as the Biden family gathered to watch July 4th fireworks, Hunter Biden was sweaty and high on cocaine. The Secret Service later reported that a bag of cocaine was found in the building. The weaponized DOJ responded by having Jack Smith file new charges against Trump.

Also on July 4th, a Louisiana federal judge ruled on Missouri v. Biden, enjoining the federal agency defendants from forcing social media companies to censor Americans. Robert Kennedy, Jr. then testified before congress about how the government has been doing this. The Fifth Circuit would uphold the ruling and the case will be heard by the Supreme Court in January of 2024. It has exposed the most egregious violation of the First Amendment in the history of the country.

As the trillions in spending bills passed by Pelosi and Schumer kicked in, the Federal reserve kept raising rates causing the devaluation of the dollar. Countries around the world stopped buying U.S. Treasury debt. The Ponzi scheme was finally too big to pretend it did not exist. In desperation, Secretary of State Blinken and Treasury Secretary Yellen both went to China begging Xi Jinping to keep buying American junk bonds.

Senator Mitch McConnell became another example for the need of age limits and term limits. The 81-yo froze up and stared blankly while giving a press conference. He would do this again weeks later. Henry Kissinger, who was still acting as a shadow government leader at age 100, died. Joe Biden’s dementia was becoming a running joke as well. Senator Feinstein would become the next example in September when she died shortly after attempting to act as a senator while suffering from a major stroke.


In August, COVID gene therapy adverse events made more news. Before the Australian parliament, some Pfizer executives admitted that they were giving different forms of the deadly shots to their own employees than what they doled out to the masses. Cedars Sinai medical center in the U.S. reported large increases in heart attacks. The Fifth Circuit ruled that the FDA was illegally “playing doctor” by smearing the reputation of ivermectin as a lifesaving drug to treat COVID, and Pee-wee Herman died suddenly. As a result, Pfizer earnings were terrible again.

The Soros-Fourth-Reich plan to destabilize Western society by importing Muslims into Europe was escalated. Boatloads of thousands of African men flooded into Italy. Stabbings and rape in the UK and Scandinavia became routine.

Then, much like East Palestine, some shadow forces seemed to have orchestrated a massacre in Maui to steal prime beachfront property from thousands of native Hawaiians. A suspicious fire engulfed an entire town. Hawaii’s WEF stooge governor Josh Green and the crooked local police prevented media from filming. Independent journalists were met by private security guards with non-U.S. car license plates. The survivors were evicted and have still not been allowed to go back to their homes. The bodies of the dead have never been tallied in a proper accounting. They just disappeared. FEMA, Pete Buttigieg, and Joe Biden ignore the entire matter, once again.

Meanwhile, the weaponized DOJ harassed Trump more in federal court as Obama cronies in Atlanta got yet another political hack state prosecutor, Fani Willis, to arrest not just Trump, but also many other powerful people, such as former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani, and Sidney Powell, using ludicrous charges that their First-Amendment-protected rights to petition the government violated Georgia state laws. Trump’s mugshot went viral and made him look like a martyr and hero. This time, however, they overreached. Powell fought back and the charges were dropped as Trump’s lawyers are uncovering irrefutable evidence that Fulton County election officials rigged the election.


In September, The Fourth Reich that this author has pounded the table about became undeniable when the Canadian government honored with a standing ovation an actual Nazi from World War 2 under the pretext that he fought for Ukraine then. It backfired badly and a few low-level politicians were ousted. But the real leader of Canada, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, a granddaughter of a Nazi, stayed in power.

The Pfizer death jabs made more news. Singer Jimmy Buffett died from a cancer he had fought successfully for years. Attempts to revive mask mandates over Labor day backfired. In Texas, where Attorney General Ken Paxton was impeached shortly after investigating Pfizer, he was exonerated in the Texas senate.

The Soros-Fourth-Reich plan to import millions of illegals was becoming too much even for loyal Party governors. New York Governor Hochul pushed back. Texas Governor Abbott constricted their own border fencing.

Mother nature seemed to send a message to misbehaving humans. Like Poseidon of Greek mythology, the desert in Nevada flooded and ruined the Burning Man party for the rich kids pretending to be hippies.


In October, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy finally was ousted by Congressman Gaetz after McCarthy failed to follow the agreement made in January. He then resigned from congress altogether as a Uniparty disgrace. Congressman Mike Johnson from Louisiana became the surprise choice for Speaker of the House.

Those series of actions sent the Fourth Reich into panic mode. A clearly concocted war was instigated in Israel as Iranian Hamas forces in Gaza murdered Israeli civilians at a music festival. Many openly accused Banjamin Netanyahu of knowing about the attack before it happened. This new “war” served as a good cover for the U.S. to pivot away from the concocted Ukraine-Russian war, which the U.S. had lost to Russia.

Pfizer was cast in more bad light as Mary Lou Retton, Bruce Springsteen, and Kevin Spacey fell seriously ill. Boston Red Sox great Tim Wakefield died suddenly at age 57, as did Chicago Bears’ Dick Butkus, golfer Andy Bean, and 30 people in New Zealand who all died immediately after receiving a bad batch of the gene therapy. Jurassic Park actor Sam Neill and Suzanne Summers died from cancers that had been held in check prior to the rollout of the “vaccines”.

Related to the man-made deaths caused by ventilator mismanagement in New York hospitals during the early pandemic, this author published exclusive data that detailed the spike in deaths. After the federal government censored The Lancet to not publish the data, a lawsuit was filed in federal court. It is now before the Fifth Circuit court of appeals awaiting a decision.


In November, The Fourth Reich suffered more setbacks. In Argentina, anti-globalist, anti-communist, Javier Milei won the presidential election. He immediately shut down their central bank and reversed decades of socialist laws. The next week saw The Netherlands elect anti-immigration Geert Wilders as leader of parliament (but not yet the Prime Minister, which is vacant after mark Rutte was ousted). Inspired by that, Irish rose up and rioted in the streets protesting the massive numbers of Muslims that the Fourth Reich has imported there. Elon Musk went on American TV to say, “Go fuck yourself” to George Soros groups trying to stifle free speech, and Speaker Johnson released more January 6th Capitol video showing that it was all a Pelosi setup.

American elections saw big wins for Republicans in the blue state of New York as people are fed up with the illegal aliens and communist government of Hochul. However, the same Democrat machine that rigged the 2020 and 2022 elections was activated again in Kentucky, as a key polling station shut down to allow the Democrat incumbent governor to barely win, and Pennsylvania voters were unable to cast votes. Clearly, 2024 elections will be rigged too unless changes are enacted.

In panic mode, the Fourth Reich, via the Soros network, organized massive mobs of Muslims to ostensibly protest in favor of Palestinians. Every major city suffered from these genuine Nazi maneuvers where Jews were physically attached ala 1938 Kristallnacht in Germany.

China was also getting worried about losing control. They sent Xi Jinping on a propaganda tour of the CCP’s satellite nation of California. Stooge Governor Newsom purged the San Francisco streets of the homeless after letting them build tent cities for years. Streets were lined with red CCP flags. When puppet Biden flew to San Francisco to meet Xi (instead of Xi going to DC), even U.S. Marines were forced to hold CCP flags. It was all a muscle flex by China to show that they control Biden, as China prepares to take over Taiwan (look for China to invade Taiwan in 2024).


In December so far, which is still playing out, the Fourth Reich and CCP are losing again. The racial division created by DEI policies within school and universities became headline news when the presidents of MIT, Penn, and Harvard bungled their testimony before a House committee. They all refused to condemn the “pro-Palestine” attacks on Jews taking place on their campuses. Then, the Harvard president, Claudine Gay, became exposed as a plagiarist. As of now, she is being propped up as a dead-man-walking by the Obamas, people speculate. With Harvard being the leader of academia, if Claudine Gay falls, so goes all of the communist DEI.

The same Fourth Reich acted more desperately as President Trump becoming re-elected grows more likely. UnAmerican judges on Colorado’s Supreme Court ruled that Trump could not be on the ballot in 2024 after a Soros-funded lawsuit claimed the 14th Amendment prohibited it (which normally would be a federal court matter, proving the whole thing was rigged to reach corrupt judges). After bipartisan outcry, that court reversed itself, but then another stooge in Maine, the Obama-appointed Secretary of State, removed Trump from the Maine ballot as well.


2023 was a year of hardship and death for many. But what does not kill us makes us stronger.

The silver lining has been the enlightenment to billions of people of the shadow governments’ playbooks. We now know that a genuine Fourth Reich is using George Soros, Bill Gates, and the WEF globalist companies to attempt an anti-human revolution using digital means to control the masses. However, their lack of originality makes their actions so obvious. This Fourth Reich is openly copying Hitler.

However, this Fourth Reich has topped Hitler’s Third in many ways. The medical crimes against humanity back then pale in comparison to what the WEF’s Chief of Viral Weapons Officer, Bill Gates, orchestrated with the the COVID gene therapies. Thanks mostly to this author, not only were people made aware of the fact that the “vaccines” permanently alter one’s genome, but also that the products should be removed from sale to the public. This is why Pfizer stock is at all-time lows and the company go bankrupt once large class-action lawsuits bear fruit.

We also see better now how the other member of the Axis, the Chinese Communist Party, is infiltrating the United States of America. They have California and the White House under their control. They are using the same tactics as Mao used. Their BLM, trans-activists, and DEI racial divisiveness in academia are all reboots of the Red Guard. The CCP got their Party stooges to send the U.S. into inflation so as to destroy the economy. The climate crisis scam not only sells Chinese-made windmills and solar cells, but it also hurts American energy independence. A national cannot wage war without fossil fuels.

The good news is that they stumbled badly in 2023. But don’t celebrate prematurely.

2024 will likely see an escalation of the attacks on normal Americans. East Palestine and Maui were test runs. The similarities between today and the Civil War era are shocking.

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