50 West developer to offer cheap rent to any restaurant operator

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50 West glass goes inMarch 30, 2015- The WSJ reports, “Mr. Greenburger (the developer of 50 West) envisions an upscale, comfortable restaurant that will serve as an amenity to 50 West residents. He listed Gotham Bar and Grill, a West Village fixture, as an example of a quality restaurant that attracts customers on a regular basis.

Time Equities just listed the two-story commercial space with an asking rent of $95 a square foot, according to Ami Ziff, the firm’s head of retail. Asking rents can range up to $200 a square foot in that area, he said.

Mr. Greenburger hopes to find tenant within the next six months. The 50 West tower is slated to open at the end of next year.”

50 West tower rendering

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