Is pot smoke poisoning your building?

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Pot smoke in apartment stairwellUpdate April 6, 2015- A viewer who lives in Gateway wrote, “seems landlord must be reading your posts…here’s what they posted in the building a short time ago.”. She sent a photo of the signs warning that pot smokers can be evicted.

Gateway sign about pot smoking

February 12, 2015- In New York apartment buildings in the cold months, the convection currents blow the air in the stairwells upward into the higher floors. People who smoke marijuana in the stairwells pollute the floors well above where they are smoking.

Is this a major problem in your building? Please share your comments.

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  1. Sirpoochala says:

    This is a huge problem in the 400 building at Gateway Plaza. Given the way the air flows in the vents here I can’t identify if this is coming from a specific apartment or someone smoking in the stairwell but I’m guessing that it is the stairwell. Cigarette smoking was a large problem for a long time and less so now. However, pot smoking has taken over as a big ongoing problem. The smoke is very thick and comes through the fire door of the stairwell and the fire door of my front door and weather stripping. I’ve never been able to find the perpetrator even when the smoke is the thickest. I’m all for whatever someone wants to do in the privacy of their own home but not if it negatively effects others outside of that home. I doubt this smoke is good for my dog and it certainly isn’t good for my asthma nor do I appreciate the odor that permeates the common hall and my apartment! I wish the inconsiderate apartment dweller would start thinking about more than just themself. After all they live in an apartment complex and not a private house.

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