9/11 Memorial people sue Port Authority for deficient construction

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911 Memorial outsideMay 10, 2015- The Port Authority was urged by both the governor of New Jersey and New York to divest its interests in the WTC site. Also, the Westfield company and other stores in the retail section below the WTC are threatening to sue the Port Authority for holding up construction.

Now, the 9/11 Memorial people have actually sued the Port Authority claiming that the museum is still unfinished and was built with “deficient” methods.

Perhaps nothing exemplified New Jersey and New York corruption better than the disgrace that metastasized like a tumor over top the Ground Zero site. The main need for the bridge and tunnel tolls to have been increased 100% since 9/11/2001 was the cost overruns of the WTC site. The people running the separate non-profit 9/11 Memorial are no better, giving themselves $400,000 salaries and opening cheesy souvenir shops.

It is time for the Port Authority to go away and leave the WTC site. Their security is incompetent. They have turned WTC Tower 1 into a military base after they were embarrassed by parachute jumpers who got to the top and BASE jumped. They are hampering the private sector by holding up the retail section. Most importantly, this is all costing the taxpayers who use the bridges and tunnels.

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