Chipotle gets off to a bad start in BPC

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Chipotle managersMay 9, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

When the Chipotle district manager and local store manager presented before the CB1 last month for a liquor license, I asked them afterwards in the hall some basic questions. The district manager was quite condescending and gave me “corporate speak” answers. I found it odd, unnecessary, and irritating. He seemed to be some bearded millennial drunk with power.

Then, yesterday, the Chipotle on South End Avenue was open for only a special group of people prior to today’s full opening. The same duo of managers was rudely kicking people out, according to two of the doormen in my building.

That was the last straw, so I called the C-suite at Chipotle and spoke to the man in charge of operations. He said, “It is timely you are telling me this. I was just over in New Jersey and did not see many smiling faces at our stores. We have to address this.”.

I ate at the Chipotle today. It is a huge improvement over the other food options on South End Avenue, bad managers aside. Hopefully, the corporate suits will fix things.

I tried the burrito. Compared to Chef LaForce’s burritos in the sit-down section at El Vez (not the burrito hut trying to imitate Chipotle), it was just awful. I recommend sticking with the burrito bowls and tacos, which are pretty good.

Chipotle burrito

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