A few comments from Danny Meyer about the new Zagat ratings for North End Grill

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October 4, 2012 By Steven E. Greer

The new 2013 edition of Zagat ranked Danny Meyer’s new North End Grill as the best new restaurant. We asked him some questions. Note how Mr. Meyer defers some questions to his staff, giving them credit, which is one tactic he employs to maintain an esprit de corps.

BP.TV: Have you ever been awarded Zagat’s “Best New Restaurant” before?

Danny Meyer: Zagats’ reviewers collective scores ranked North End Grill at the top of the newcomers list. And yes, we have been in this position before, most recently for Maialino in 2011.

BP.TV: How is the launch of North End Grill going?

Danny Meyer: Having been open for almost a year, North End Grill is becoming a favorite.

BP.TV: Your “service” was ranked a high score of 26 in Zagat and the staff are all new. Can you share any thoughts on how you achieved that?

Danny Meyer: This is a question for the manager Kevin Richer. (Kevin’s caring and effective leadership of an outstanding team is what guests have been experiencing.)

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