You are not dreaming: There is a loud motorbike disturbing the peace at 5:30 AM

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October 5, 2012  By Steven E. Greer

If you live in South BPC along Battery Place, West Thames, or South End Avenue, facing those streets, you have been awakened numerous times over the last month or longer by a loud white motorbike that speeds up and down those streets at odd times such as 5:30 AM or 11:30 PM. It is unclear whether the helmeted man is looking for parking or joyriding, but he will traverse the entire Battery Place street five times or more. The bike is significantly louder than a typical Harley Davidson.

Local building managers have received complaints. You are not alone or imagining this. It is not construction trucks from Ground Zero.

If you see a parked white motorbike in the area, please email us or the police any identifying information such as the license plate number. Also, notify your building manager if you have any tips.

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