A good day for the hood: NYPD ticket tour bus

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NYPD tickets busSeptember 8, 2013- In a major development, the actual NYPD ticketed a tour bus today. Normally, the local PEP office has to be called, with no penalty to the driver. Occasionally, the TLC will send enforcement agents, but the NYPD has the ability to deliver the most determent.

Was this a one-off anomaly? Stay tuned.

For illegally parked tour buses, call the PEP (212) 945-3410, then take a photo. The City DOT has a database and contacts the private bus companies. Email the photos to the CB1 office elacher@cb.nyc.gov and DOT jleung@dot.nyc.gov. You can also give your feedback to the hotel at (212) 945-0100, since the buses on the east side of North End Ave are allowed to park there by the hotel.

NYPD tickets bas 2Conrad Hotel causes resurgence of tour bus problem

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  1. Pfepher says:

    While it is nice to see a tour bus receiving a ticket, the situation pictured along with this post is far less dangerous than the tour busses blocking the bike lanes on Albany Street. Because of WFC construction, cycle traffic is detoured up Vesey St, on the Esplanade, onto South End Ave and finally down Albany until it goes back to a dedicated bike path. I have on many occasions been forced to go around a bus parked in both the east bound and west bound bike lanes on Albany St. What’s worse is the fact that I have also been forced to go around police cars. What’s far worse is that I have had to pull into traffic to go around a tour bus and police car at the same time. And that was NOT because the officers were ticketing the bus.

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