A letter to Gayle Horwitz, CEO of BPCA, about the growing filth

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February 22, 2012

Gayle Horwitz

CEO, Battery Park City Authority

Dear Gayle,

Now that we have addressed the dog doo issue, can we move on to the filth that has been infiltrating BPC.  I have lived here since 1996 and I can’t remember when it has been this disgusting.

Trash on West Thames Street

I was contemplating documenting with pictures but found that this would be a daunting task considering the amount of litter including glass bottles, cans, paper, foil from sandwiches, plastic bags, coffee containers, coffee wraps, broken glass, Styrofoam and cigarette butts. (And I thought everyone gave up smoking!)

The filthiest block is West Thames between South End and the river.  Gristedes’ is especially at fault as are the 2 buildings across the street.  This happens whenever garbage is put out for pick up.  The sidewalks and street are strewn with all of the above, as is the area inside the fence of the trees.  The other areas that are disgusting is the block where BPC Day Nursery, Benvenuti’s and  Hudson Produce reside.  Albany Street by the Parking Garage is also always littered with all of the above and broken glass and mirrors.  And then there is the sidewalk in front of the Chase bank on South End Ave which everyone has commented on ad infinitum.

The other day I found a dead rat while walking my dogs along the path by 225 Rector and the basketball courts.  It was lying on the cobble stones.  I reported this to the concierge but he claimed that it was not on their property and that I would have to report to the Battery conservancy.  The next day, while walking my dogs I saw someone from the Conservancy and told him. He then removed the dead rat that had been lying there for 2 days.  The very next day, a baby rat walked across the same path right in front of us.

Trash on Albany Street

Today, I walked by the Mercantile Exchange building and there were more cigarette butts in the planted areas than in the sand filled pots.

My question is, who is responsible?  Why are we (BPC owners/residents) paying such exorbitant maintenance only to live in such squalor?

I look forward to your reply.


Maureen Barry Somerville



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3 Responses to A letter to Gayle Horwitz, CEO of BPCA, about the growing filth

  1. Nicki Baker says:

    I totally agree. Rats everywhere – the new deli sidewalk is filthy – the sidewalk by Gristides on West Thames is horrid and I tripped over a rat there and fell! I moved here over twenty years ago because it was so clean! What has changed and who is responsiible?

  2. fran says:

    i think a complete overhaul is due…the merchants should be responsible for there sidewalks…also as long as we have carts lining the streets there will be rodent problems…i cannot believe the downfall of this neighborhood..i actually watch people every day walk there dogs outside the 500 bldg..in the area that i supposed to be for tenants to sit and relax….if the people who let there children play there knew how many dogs had gone the bathroom there they would be appalled …it is disgusting …remember we all have to try to keep it clean……but some people think it is there right to let the dogs go anywhere and not clean up…this has been going on for years because it is never enforced……thanks fran

  3. L says:

    Thank you for looking out for the BPC community, for taking the initiative and for the excellent and unbiased reporting from batterypark.tv.

    Feb 23, 2012

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