Confirmed: Bill Thompson using BPCA as a platform to run for Mayor

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February 24, 2012  By Steven Greer, MD


Battery Park City Authority Chairman Bill Thompson confirmed, to no one’s surprise, that he is running for NYC Mayor. Meanwhile, he is transforming the BPCA staff to suit his needs and serve better as campaign managers masquerading as BPCA staff serving citizens of BPC. Recall, BatteryPark.TV was the first to break the story of Bill Thompson, via his CEO Gayle Horwitz, firing 19 long-time BPCA employees in order to make room to bring in his own staff.

Bill Thompson, Chairman of BPCA

State Senator Squadron recently wrote a letter pondering the fate of the entire BPCA, and whether the current leadership should be changed. He pointed out that the Chairman, currently Bill Thompson, is appointed by the governor and not elected. Therefore, despite paying the highest taxes in the city, BPC residents have “taxation without representation”. In fact, the hard earned tax dollars of the residents are often stolen by the city and redistributed to help pay off the city deficit.

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One Response to Confirmed: Bill Thompson using BPCA as a platform to run for Mayor

  1. Adam says:

    Thompson Needs to go now. Isn’t that mixed interest?
    Don’t forget the CityTime fraud he handled.

    And I personally thank him for the extra land lease increases passed to owners, especially in this economy. All because the residents..Have NO Voice!!

    Bptv always on it for the residents, thx!!

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