A plan to lower total carbon in circulation

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December 30, 2021- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I saw this ad for a start-up called Newbin. They are aiming to make plastic recycling more effective. I have had an idea related to this.

The problem of global warming, which is real, is the net increase in circulating CO2 in the atmosphere. Digging up carbon from oil and coal puts more into the circulation. The solution is to capture the CO2 and put it back into a form that does not circulate in the oxygen/carbon-dioxide cycle between plants that consume CO2 and animals or energy plants that create CO2.

There are various elaborate plans to capture CO2 and then put the liquefied CO2 somewhere. My idea is a much better solution: Turn carbon into plastic that will stay in that form for thousands of years.

Well, our trash dumps are full of plastic. It is already made for us.

We should be encouraging the use of plastics and then properly recycle them. The plastic would then be turned into little compact cubes, put on a boat, and dumped into the ocean where it would never be seen again.

There are also regions of land that need elevation. Florida is too flat, for example, and would benefit from being elevated to protect it from flooding.

Not only is plastic being wasted in our landfills, but there are also circulating trash whirlpools in the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas. We could start harvesting ocean waste and then immediately shipping it to the bottom of the ocean in little plastic cubes.

The revenue would come from laws that would require plastic producers to pay a tax. Carbon credits could be traded. The cost would be minuscule compared to the $6 Trillion-and-counting spending packages passed so far aimed at the “Green New Deal”.

(Aside, in addition to this plan, there could be a profitable industry of planting trees that would reduce atmospheric CO2. The dirty secret that the crazy green-earth nuts don’t want you to know is that we can solve the carbon omissions problem if we simply planted more trees. I saw a documentary on the various ways to reduce carbon omissions. They glossed over the tree solution because the people exploiting greenhouse omissions for political purposes don’t want you to know about this simple solution. Ask anyone claiming to care about the earth, “Why don’t we just plant more trees?”, and see what they say.)

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