A tour of World Trade Center Tower 4 and Tower 7

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September 19, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

Dara McQuillan of Silverstein Properties took us on a tour of the newly opened WTC Tower 4 and the fully-leased Tower 7. Soon, Greenwich Street will be opened up allowing unobstructed passage from FiDi to Tribeca.

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2 Responses to A tour of World Trade Center Tower 4 and Tower 7

  1. David E Stanke says:

    Great interview and tour. Port Authority needs to open Greenwich Street as soon as possible. The push to normalize and open the WTC site from all directions at all times is still urgent, 13 years after it was closed.

  2. Suzanne Temple says:

    Thank you for taking us high up into the new buildings, with breathtaking views of Manhattan, and our own Liberty Court!

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