A viable populist could replace Trump on the GOP ticket

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April 23, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I told you this Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan program was being scammed. As we learn more about the first round of $300 Billion, we are learning that it was all stolen by entities that should not have gotten the money.

Who is the head of the Small Business Association? Even Wikipedia does not list the name. Government corruption flourishes in darkness like this. Whomever it is, this is the schmuck who knew full well that hundreds of large universities, such as Harvard, Michigan, etc. were taking $10-$50 million each in loans. The SBA leader is the crook who who gave money to Danny Meyer’s publicly traded Shake Shack.

There are government officials personally making sure that these big companies get the PPP money. Donald Trump lost control of this. The SBA is a deep state organization like the rest of federal government. Trump still cannot control his own spy agencies or DOJ.

Just looking at the magnitude of money that we know went to large universities, 10% of the entire $300 billion in first round of loans easily could have been sent to universities alone. God knows how much else went to other large corporations like Shake Shack.

This is a monumental boondoggle. This is TARP 2.0.

Meanwhile, I put in a PPP application that went nowhere the first round. Now, my bank is hassling me for paperwork that doesn’t exist for this second try. I am sure other banks are doing the same thing. They all have internal underwriting departments that are making up rules and requirements that are not even mandated by the loan program. So, for small small business that wants a measly amount of money, like $200,000, they get harassed and delayed until the money runs out. That is by design.

Right now, I am lowering my probability of Trump being reelected quite a bit. I do not see the economy recovering and I see a lot of pissed off people who have had their jobs or businesses destroyed by idiots in President Trump’s NIH and CDC (HHS Secretary Alex Azar will be canned, I predict.)

The Resistance Press is already picking up on this and asking very good questions exposing how the Health and Human Services and the CDC screwed up. All of the things I have been pointing out on this news site, then Joe Piscopo and OANN, will now be used correctly by the liberal press to make Trump’s response to coronavirus seem terrible.

Meanwhile, President Trump is looking ineffective and he has lost his media moment. I have stopped watching the West Wing press conferences. All he is doing now is childish stuff like bragging over and over about ventilators. This is not resonating well with the American public.

If the economy has not been killed, and if it rebounds, then he can still get reelected. But he is pushing it to the limit. All of the stimulus is going to end up looking bad for him, not good for him. I have lowered the probability of Trump being re-elected to 40%, assuming Biden is replaced.

A viable young populist, such as Senator Josh Hawley, could easily replace Trump as the GOP candidate. This is a unique time in history when both of the delegate winners are ousted by their parties.

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  1. Debsendave says:

    Dream on… Trump wins landslide

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