Acceptable lounges in Tribeca

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Weather UpUpdate February 9, 2016- The NYT “gave” The Bennett a write-up. Also, add Terroir to the list, below, of good places.

January 30, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

I have been trying out Tribeca lounges after I have mede failed attempts to enjoy the jazz club Django in the Roxy Hotel (like everything in the old Tribeca Grand, Django is not taking off). I have found a couple of places with a decent scene.

The Bennett on West Broadway and Duane Street is new. They have a good dude-to-female ratio and the staff are nice.

Around to corner is Weather Up, next to Khe-Yo and Bouley. The GM, William Baldwin, seems to be doing a good job. When I told him that the draft beer would be better at 33-degrees, he seemed to care. Tell him you read about them on BP.TV.

And Khe-Yo itself has a nice counter to get a drink. Try the “crisp” pilsner in a mug. Eat there as well if you can. The soups with sticky rice are exceptional.

The downstairs bar of Rosa Mexicano, Masa Y Agave, is new and worth trying. The restaurant is superb.

So, there are some places finally popping up in boring Tribeca. However, I would still recommend avoiding Tiny’s, Belle Reve, Macao, Warren 77, Little Park, Church Street Tavern, and Smith and Mills unless you bring the party with you.

Please post your comments on places that you like. My list is far from comprehensive.

Update: February 6, 2016- We can add Terroir to the list of acceptable lounges.

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  1. jcbarker says:

    Terroir — cannot recommend it highly enough!

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