Another yacht break-in at North Cove Marina

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Rasselas lengthJuly 30, 2014- Just one day after BatteryPark.TV reported on the absence of the PEP security, The Post reports that one of the maga-yachts in North Cove Marina was broken into by teens. Recall, one year ago to the day, some boats were robbed causing the NYPD to send patrols to the esplanade. The NYPD would do well to assume that the PEP provide no security whatsoever to BPC, and to place permanent patrols along the esplanade.

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  1. Karen says:

    Last Sunday a car was riding on the esplanade right in front of these boats. The car then drove backwards on the path on esplanade until they reached Pj clarkes

    The car driver seemed lost.

    Then the car proceeded to drive along the esplanade towards the police memorial next to gateway as bikes, kids etc swerved around the car.

    This was 1130 am ..not late at night or early morning

    My friend and I searched for a Pep, police officer anyone but we couldn’t find anyone

    The car seemed to be trying to get off esplanade


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