Blue Ribbon Sushi: Finally, a restaurant arrives at Hudson Eats

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July 27, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

The food court style of Hudson Eats has left many reviewers and citizens wanting more. The common seating areas are often cluttered, messy, and uninviting. Despite the good views over the marina, the atmosphere has been sterile and corporate.

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Amidst that, Blue Ribbon Sushi has finally opened in the center of the entire Hudson Eats and seems poised to become the anchor tenant that the place was lacking. Owner Eric Bromberg smartly planned on having his own dining area at the sushi bar under their control, complete with table service waiters. Blue Ribbon Sushi is like an oasis amidst the backdrop of corporate lunch counters.

The sushi bar is staffed by an impressive array of at least four highly trained chefs. Around the corner is another team manning the sushi bowl counter, that serves noodles or rice topped with tuna or salmon.

Blue Ribbon Sushi chef servingBlue Ribbon Sushi wideThe tuna and salmon based rolls were excellent. The rice is sticky but not too compact.

Blue Ribbon Sushi cucumber sushiBlue Ribbon Sushi salmon tuna rollThe table service was also professional and worthy of any staff one could find in any of the other Blue Ribbon establishments.

With a real restaurant now operating in Hudson Eats, the other shops should feel the peer pressure to elevate their games. They could even start giving a crap about the dining areas near their units and keeping them clean.

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