Letter: Ferry boats and helicopters plague us too on the Upper West Side

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August 10, 2014- Letter to the Editor

Dr. Greer,

Thank you for your tireless advocacy of noise abatement which I believe benefits not just Battery Park, but the entire city. Simply put, tens or even hundreds of thousands of people don’t need to suffer so that a few tourists can sightsee, or the “hypothetical insomniac kayaker” can feel safe or the city can earn more in its “general fund.”.

Any who, I live on the far west side (by 42nd) and am facing similar, but less severe, issues including helicopters, ferry horns and worst of all, an awful establishment called Mako which bills itself “NYC’s first outdoor nightclub” and hosts parties until 4am on Pier 79 (Not to be confused with Pier 97. In the video above, Pier 97 is also causing complaints).

In just six weeks of operation, I have filed five 311 complaints which have resulted in the police showing up and telling them to lower the volume.

Upon investigating further, I have also found that their liquor license stipulation agreement specified that they would operate as restaurant, and not having dancing or bottle service and close earlier.  I have raised this with the Community Board 4 which seemed generally supportive and is calling them to testify at the Business Licenses Committee this Tuesday.

I am reaching out to you to ask for any advice or suggestions you may have in dealing with this matter and in stamping out this severe nuisance to the community. It does appear to be small enough that there aren’t ingrained vested interests ala Pier A or La Marina.

Thank you


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