Apple iCloud: a prelude to Apple 50-inch TV’s?

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October 26, 2011

As we have speculated for months, Apple is acknowledging that the Apple TV is in the works

June 3, 2011

On June 6, Steve Jobs will announce the new cloud streaming service for Apple called iCloud. We believe that this will allow videos to be streamed to iPads and iPhones, competing with Netflix. Moreover, as we previously reported, we believe the next big thing for Apple will be their entry into the 50-inch home TV market.

Currently, companies such as Sony, that make both TV’s and computers, intentionally do not make TV’s with true PC’s built in. They are avoiding cannibalizing products. The best solution one currently has for watching true Internet in the “lean back” living room setting is to hook up a Google or Apple box, which is cumbersome and only for computer savvy people.

Once a large company, likely Apple, offers the content streaming and the hardware to view the videos/TV in the living room, the traditional cable companies will be placed in the pile of obsolete business model junk. Already, most young people have opted to not buy into the bundled cable model of TV/Internet/Phone that costs well more than $100 per month. When the generation that still values traditional TV has an alternative to cable or dish providers, millions will make the “final cut”, to use a Pink Floyd album name.

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