West Thames Park lawn looking mangy

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October 19, 2011

(An excerpt from Downtown Express By Terese Loeb Kreuzer)

After months of negotiations between the Battery Park City Authority, the Hudson River Park Trust and the New York State Department of Transportation over who should pay to resod the West Thames Park lawn and who should police and maintain it, the lawn already is looking mangy.

“Kids come there from high schools on the other side of the West Side highway and play pick-up sports after school,” said Mark Costello, a Community Board 1 member who is also on the board of the Downtown Little League. “There’s no rule against it. The problem is that that’s not what that lawn is built for. Last year, we also had adults coming over from Wall Street after work, and they would play and were very aggressive. I think the emphasis [for that lawn] should be on passive use and family play.”

The guidelines for the park say, “No cleats, no using more than half the field per group and no aggressive play that may result in harm,” said Anne Fenton, a B.P.C.A. spokesperson. But, she added, “There’s only so much you can control in nature.”

The B.P.C. Conservancy has been entrusted with caring for the lawn, and as of a few weeks ago, the H.R.P.T. and Battery Park City Parks Enforcement Patrols (P.E.P.) assumed joint jurisdiction for policing it.

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Also, please note how BatteryPark.TV is the only local New York news source with the journalism ethics to cite other sources, even if they could be viewed as competition

BPCA CEO Gayle Horwitz responsible for the field control and feud with HRPT and DOT

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  1. Steven says:

    The Battery Park City Authority should be dismantled. THe residents are paying salary’s in excess of 100,000 for over a dozen people. Also funds are dispersed throughout city/country? WHy not invest in bpc and lower cost instead of allowing a LAND LEASE increase…….residents pay for the screwups daily. Look at blog.mydailycomplaint we linked the scathing insp. general report. BPTV is always exclusive (ponds,lawn,boats, al covered) and the higher ups ARE NOT RESIDENTS, so they couldnt give a toot.

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