Are Harvard Law professors steering this communist coup?

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September 22, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

We have wondered exactly who is behind these highly sophisticated communist takeover strategies. Yes, it is all straight from a communist playbook and would seem obvious to anyone who has read a book. But still, it requires someone with a knowledge of history and experience thinking about communist strategies, which leads us to academia.

On one hand, our own CIA does the exact same thing as communist countries regarding destabilizing nations and priming them for coups. The CIA is very clever at these tactics. Therefore, people like John Brennan are probably advising this illegitimate government.

However, the CIA people are mostly deep state dimwits (with a terrible track record of “intelligence”) who rely on advice from other people. There are undoubtedly also academic professors advising Michelle and Barack Obama (who control Biden). But who?

I think we are going to learn soon that it is the Harvard Law school behind this. It will become clear that a group of “legal scholars” are setting the strategy. The curtain is pulling back.

The decision by Biden two weeks ago to use vaccines as a way to divide the country was clearly a high-level academic decision made by some ivory tower stooge. Decisions to spend trillions of dollars to intentionally create inflation are more product of tenured thinking. This has “bearded professor” written all over it.

Tucker Carlson exposed last night a story that will get more attention. He did not mention the name of the law school, but a law student somewhere got the full Stalin communist treatment when he simply asked about the hypocritical aspect of the mask mandates. Law Professors at this yet-to-be-named school are not required to wear masks, but students are, for example. Simply for asking why, the student was expelled. In order to come back, he was required to go through psychiatric tests and allow them to be made public. Labeling someone as crazy is a classic play from the Lenin and Stalin days (Freudian psychology arose during the same time as communism in Russia. It was first seen as a threat by communists, and then hijacked for their own means to help stifle critics of communism. Hitler, Trotsky, Tito, Freud and Stalin all lived in the same place at one point.). So, that required someone with a good knowledge of communist history to try to make this law student an example in the same way the Bolsheviks did.

Who would be arrogant enough, and also get enough respect, to be able to control a strategy to destroy democracy in America? They are Barack and Michelle Obama’s former professors, such as Laurence Tribe. I guarantee you. Stay tuned.

Update December 20, 2021- It now appears as if the World Economic Forum, the Davos oligarch people, led my Klaus Schwab, are behind much of this. I call then the Great Reset Gang.

Update April 25, 2022- Jonathan Turley “Destroying Democracy to Save it? Court Advances Effort to Block GOP Candidates from Ballots”- Harvard Law professor and former Obama mentor Laurence Tribe is behind this effort

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