Exclusive: Are waiters jumping off of Danny Meyer’s ship?

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North-End-Grill-kitchen-lowUpdate December 12, 2015- Pastry Chef Tracy Obolsky left North End Grill too.

November 17, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

We heard a firsthand account from a person who directly interacts with North End Grill staff that many of the veteran waiters have recently left, since the announcement that tips would be eliminated. Pretty much the only person who remains from the original crew is GM Kevin Richer.

If a good waiter was making $400 a night, then that equates to $50 an hour, assuming they pay taxes. Under this new non-tip system, it is very unlikely that they will be paid the same.

If you have any intelligence to send us, please do.

(BatteryPark.TV supports this non-tip concept, by the way)

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