Tip of the Week: Upgrade your old stereo

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Sony receiverAugust 30, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

Well, I have finally stepped into the 21st Century. After my Verizon Fios box went out this week and I had to pull my home theater stuff apart, I realized that I cannot even play iPhone music on my home system. I personally don’t use compressed poor-quality iTunes stuff, but when I have guests, it is awkward that we cannot play their smartphone lists.

So, I did some shopping, and for only $300 to $600, one can get the best home theater receivers that accept AirPlay, Bluetooth, etc. This allows one to stream the smartphone content right to the receiver. I can also get Internet and Satellite radio at home, and the new receivers use HDMI, so the spaghetti mess of wires is reduced somewhat.

I chose the Sony STR DN1060, featured above. It was $530 online. I think that having AirPlay compatibility is important.

Regarding video, I can play 4K now if I wanted to. My PlaySation has nice Blu-ray.

What really prompted me to upgrade was the release last month of a new 5.1 surround-sound version of Amused to Death. I can’t play it right now. My new system is actually seven channel 7.1., so I will hear the crickets and dog barking as they were meant to be heard by Mr. Waters.

By Tuesday, I will have the best surround-sound and Apple-compatible home system, even though I do not own any Apple products. However, this all works with Google Android devices as well.

What I am eyeing next is a Sonos system to have remote wireless speakers throughout the place. But my home is so small, normal wires are fine. I might pass on that for now (My current tower speakers are very expensive and powerful, as my neighbors can attest).

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