PEP officers relocated get paid in settlement

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PEP arresting PrattMarch 28, 2013

The infamous crew of Battery Park City Park Enforcement Patrol (PEP) officers who were harassing and beating up innocent BPC residents have now received settlement checks totally $165,000, according to The Daily News. The article states, “The city will pay thousands of dollars to dark-skinned Parks Department workers who claim they were transferred out of tony Battery Park City in favor of white and light-skinned staffers amid threats and veiled complaints that they were too aggressive. The workers filed a discrimination suit after the March 2011 transfers — which came after months of escalating tensions between the mostly minority agents and some residents of the ritzy enclave. Swastikas and graffiti calling the Public Enforcement Patrol officers “thugs,” “pigs” and “n—–s” started popping up on benches and walls, according to the suit filed by 13 workers.”

The incident that led to the relocation of the PEP crew was exclusively reported by BatteryPark.TV in 2009. Local apartment owner Adam Pratt, a dog owner, was on a routine walk of his dog when he was asked by a female African American PEP officer to show his ID. (At the time, the PEP were commonly asking all dog walkers for IDs, as some form of intimidation, perhaps, although the rationale for the practices are still unclear.) Mr. Pratt took a stand, refused, and was then punch in the face by the PEP. After running for help, he was eventually gang tackled by other PEP and sent to Bellevue Hospitals psychiatric ward.  The First precinct declined to arrest him. (The case is now a civil rights violation matter in Federal court.)

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