Letter to Editor : Issues needed to be addressed in BPC

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Dear Editor,images

I moved to Battery Park at exactly 7 years ago so I wouldn’t have a long commute to American Express from the Upper West Side. I’ve lived in New York my entire adult life in many different neighborhoods. For some reason, I connected with Battery Park. It’s mix of suburban/urban feel, proximity to nature, ease of access to transportation, walking culture, and relative quiet is hard to find.

I consider myself very lucky to live here. When proposing issues in the neighborhood that should be addressed, I do so within the context of my neighborhood. I understand that given a broader worldview, worrying about when the community center will be finished cannot be compared with not being able to get fresh water. But I think that is the essence of what a community is. It’s about trying to optimize where you live relative to your surroundings.

The editor and other volunteers have done an excellent job in covering and in some cases resolving issues important to our community. That’s why I would like to join in to help.

Following is my list of top concerns for our neighborhood:

1. Aggression and even violence around street parking

2. Lack of quality restaurants and other amenities (too many dry cleaners!)

3. The completion of Pier A and input over its use

4. The completion of Battery Park repairs

5. Possible improper management of BPCA funds

Thank you,

Marya Triandafellos

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