BatteryPark.TV articles used as evidence in court to help woman win housing case against Gateway Plaza

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Gateway Plaza buiding over MerchantsMay 22, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

The woman who was sued by LeFrak’s Gateway Plaza in retaliation for her complaints made to HPD gave us an update today. She wrote, “I used the complaints and articles from BatteryPark.TV in my court papers as exhibits regarding the high electric bills in my recent motion papers. The landlord’s attorney was really disturbed by the press and how I’m telling the court of everyone’s issues with the electric bills, as well as the class action lawsuit.

Right now, we are waiting on the judge’s decision to the latest set of motions.

As you may remember, I moved to dismiss his entire action as they claim that I didn’t pay rent, when in fact, not only have I paid rent, they returned the checks to me! They actually wrote, “If we cashed the checks we couldn’t sue her for not paying rent????!!!!”.

I won two out of three of the decisions…judge threw out his claims for rent for all but one month. So, I have paid that and now am waiting to see if the judge throws out the remainder of the case.

I’ll wait until they try to sue me again. In meantime, after suing me three times, withdrawing or losing, unbelievably they offer me a new lease!!! Of course, they raised the rent some $350 or so.”

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