Man jumps into East River from Pier 15

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Pier 15 frontMay 30, 2015- A drunk man wearing a bikini overtop of his jeans jumped from Pier 15 in the Seaport into the East River as a joke, but then began to drown. A bartender from the nearby Watermak Bar, Christian Baquero, reached over the pier to help pull the man out. Then, according to the Post, “When Baquero reached down to pull him out the water, the buffoon tugged on his right arm so hard that it tore his bicep — and pulled him into the river.

“When I fell in, I said, ‘God help me!’ The current pulled me down, but I came back up and was eventually helped back onto the pier,”

After finally getting the bonehead out of the filthy river, Baquero was plucked out and rushed to the hospital, where he was treated for the torn bicep and cuts to his arms and legs. He is now awaiting surgery and will have to undergo physical therapy.

The man whom Baquero saved told him, “Thank you,” and ran off before police arrived.””

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