BatteryPark.TV efforts directly cause BPCA to allow public comments at meetings

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BPCA Alix Pustilnik singh hymanOctober 19, 2016- by Steven E. Greer, MD

As viewers know, BP.TV has been the only local news source to have the freedom to provide proper oversight to BPCA. For examples, we obtained a federal court order forcing the BPCA to allow us into the open board meetings when they attempted to block us,  and our federal lawsuit over violation of our First Amendment rights is proceeding to jury trial.

Also, we have called for the BPCA to hold press conferences and allow public comment. BP.TV has been the only reporter willing to ask questions at BPCA meetings. State Senator Squadron spotted this as a winning cause for which he crusaded.

Today, it was announced that public comments will be allowed at board meetings. Also, the agenda items will be released in advance. The BPCA had been illegally releasing them just minutes before the meetings to discourage attendance.

People wishing to speak need to email the BPCA in advance Two-minutes will be allotted to up to 10-speakers.

State Senator Squadron, while his actions are commendable, was merely riding on the shoulders of BP.TV.

We inform.

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