BatteryPark.TV reporting leads to changes at top of WTC security

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Rossig parachute WTCMarch 29, 2014- The Durst real estate organization, that now owns the One World Trade Center, has replaced the head of security for the construction project. The Post reports, ”David Velazquez — ex-director of the Newark FBI field office — joined The Durst Organization in August. A month later, BASE jumpers parachuted from the roof. And two weeks ago, a teen from New Jersey also beat security by sneaking up to the antenna. Velazquez is also responsible for the half-blind security guard who was caught sleeping in the lobby in a photo obtained exclusively by The Post. But a Durst spokesman insisted that, while Velazquez was put in charge in August, his company didn’t have control of the building until January.”

The revelation that the 16-year-old kid who got to the top of the WTC this month was actually the second breech of security, and that three parachutists BASE jumped from the WTC in September, is what caused the changes by Durst. The BASE jumper story was a BatteryPark.TV exclusive, and picked up by CBS national TV news.

Durst screws up the Freedom Tower antenna

Told you so. WTC parachutists finally charged.

Exclusive: Second major lapse in Port Authority security at One WTC

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