Battle of the restaurants: Goldman Sachs v Brookfield Place

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Burgers-side-by-sideMay 28, 2013- There will be an interesting Battle of the Restaurants coming to Battery Park soon, as the Brookfield Place shops open and compete with the Goldman Sachs established shops.

  •  In the BBQ category will be: Blue Smoke v Mighty Quinn’s
  • In the “Better Burger” category will be: Shake Shack v Umami burger
  • In the “Seasonal vegetable and Salad” category will be: Dig Inn v Beans & Greens v Chop’t
  • In the “Asian” category will be: Num Pang (sort of) v Wei West
  • In the “Mexican” category will be: Dos Toros Taqueria v El Vez v SouthWestNY
  • In the “Pizza and Italian” category will be: Skinny Pizza v Harry’s
  • In the “Gourmet Sandwich” category will be: Little Muenster v Financier v Num Pang v Francoise Payard

BBQ-side-by-sideSandwiches side by side croppedSalads side by sideTacos side by side


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