Folks, your Apple products will get you mugged

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Update October 9, 2013- The NY Post has a video of a woman being pummeled in the face for her smartphone (not even an Apple).

August 29, 2013- By Steven E. Greer, MD

BatteryPark.TV has extensively reported on the increase of thefts in the city, which has not spared swanky Tribeca and Battery Park. In all of the cases, the crimes were committed by organized groups of thieves targeting unsuspecting victims. People in Tribeca and BPC are unaccustomed to crime and make for the perfect mark.

Apple electronic products are the items stolen in most cases because they are easily resold by thieves for hundreds of dollars. The typical crime will involve a group of thieves, male and female, hanging out in areas where the soft targets are found, looking for the marks, then physically mugging the victims, prying away the iPads and iPhones.

In the most recent crime blotters, a woman on Maiden Lane was pushed against a truck and assaulted as the two female thieves pulled away her iPad. Nearby in Greenwich Village, numerous people were robbed at knife and gunpoint for their iPhones. In all cases, the victims were showing the world that they carried the Apple products and were walking obliviously.

Last month, a mother with her son, playing basketball during the day on the West Thames courts, were stalked, then robbed by a group of men. She made the mistake of setting down here purse, which contained some Apple products.

Last year, at Rockefeller Park in BPC, a thief was caught by the PEP for stealing electronic devices from sunbathers on the lawn. He was cornered in the parks storage hut by the playground.

Residents of Tribeca and BPC need to wake up and realize that they are viewed as juicy fat suckling pigs in the eyes of these organized theft rings. With the new 9/11 Memorial attracting unsuspecting tourists, even more thieves are drawn to Downtown and are now walking over to BPC or Tribeca to do their crime.

All of these cases are just the tip of the iceberg. Most muggings are never reported to the police, or if they are, do not make it into the press.

The good news is that one can easily avoid an Apple-mugging if one simply keeps the products out of public view as much as possible, and does not set the product down in a handbag while eating or socializing.

The piers along Hudson River Park, and the parks in BPC, are all magnets for the organized crime gangs who come in from other parts of the city to specifically target to unaware dummies. Those parks seem safe and people walk totally clueless to danger, at their folly.

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