Beware the “medical spa”

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IMG_1989February 16, 2012 By Steven E. Greer, MD

If you go to any of these “spas” run by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, that offer massages and medical procedures, beware of them if they do not have a real doctor on site at all times. Botox, fillers, and other procedures are not minor procedures. Improperly performed, and patients will receive disfiguring bad cosmetic results, such as a totally frozen Botox face.

We were quite taken aback to see sandwich board sidewalk ads promoting plastic surgery procedures. “Plumping lips” is one of the most frequently poorly performed procedures resulting in embarrassing results. Make sure your cosmetic procedures are performed not only by the actual doctor (as opposed to his/her nurses), but also by a doctor with good aesthetic taste.Med spa

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