Progress on the Hudson Street construction

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IMG_1993IMG_1992February 16, 2012

After several years, true work is finally underway on the Hudson Street infrastructure renovation that was a stalled rat infested project for many years. The first signs of progress came after the DowntownTV reports last year, see below.

May 31, 2012 By Steven Greer, MD

BatteryPark.TV reported in April on the street renovation project creating a rat infested eyesore on Hudson Street, in TriBeCa. The fenced-in construction area was stalled, with no work being done whatsoever, for at least 18-months, according to witnesses who work in the surrounding restaurants. The project is under the authority of the city Department of Design and Construction, led by David Burney.

Since our report, the project has now been cleaned up and the lane of traffic is opened. However, the other side of the street has a fenced in area, for no apparent reason, much like a child moving junk in  a bedroom from one corner to another. There is no construction taking place in this newly fenced in area. Meanwhile, expensive residential buildings and restaurants like Bubby’s are greatly inconvenienced.

BatteryPark.TV asked the DDC whether the fences were meant to give the appearance of construction in order to maintain an allocated budget for certain activities promised; a placeholder of sorts. A spokesman said that the DDC was preparing a response, but no reply was ever given.

Below, photos of the cleaned up site, with lane of traffic now opened, trash bags gone

Construction fence on Hudson St removed

Spot where trash bags used to sit and attract rats

Below, photo from April prior to BatteryPark.TV reporting, left lane closed, stagnant trash with rats scuttling to and fro

Trash in the middle of Hudson Street by fine restaurants

 The new fenced in section on the other side of Hudson Street, albeit cleaner

The relocated cleaner construction fence on May 31, 2012, after BatteryPark.TV reporting

April 26, 2012 By Steven Greer, MD

I have not been to TriBeCa since last November, not counting Whole Foods, since the new shops opened by Goldman Sachs. Last night, I was appalled to see that the road construction on Hudson Street and North Moore was unchanged since at least twelve months ago. Employees at Bubby’s confirmed that no work has been done for eight months. There is even trash out in the middle of the street, if you can believe that. The project is under the authority of the city Department of Design and Construction led by David Burney.

DDC Commisioner David Burney

Mind you, this is not a slum. This is one of the wealthiest parts of the city where celebrities like Meryl Streep and Jon Stewart live.

Then, it occurred to me how this would not likely happen in Battery Park, simply because BatteryPark.TV and the viewers would not allow it. We don’t even tolerate illegal town cars or restaurant trash, much less this scene that we photographed on Hudson Street.

TriBeCa could really use a clone of BatteryPark.TV. Relax yee inept bureaucrats of TriBeCa. I do not have the time or the resources to invade your cozy hideouts…yet.

Stalled construction on Hudson and North Moore Streets

Trash in the middle of Hudson Street by fine restaurants

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