Bloomberg leaves out Dead Rabbit in list of world’s best

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No Dead RabbitJune 13, 2014- The Dead Rabbit in FiDi opened with PR-placed stories in the WSJ acclaiming it as “world’s best bartender” and so on. The Poulakakos team was not mentioned in the early stories, and only recently have they started to let it be known that they are affiliated with Dead Rabbit.

Fast-forward to reality, June 2014, and Bloomberg published a list of “Best bartenders”. The Dead Rabbit was nowhere to be found. Of course, this list is just as bogus as the 2013 lists that named Dead Rabbit. The pint is that any “Best in the world” list is all PR-placed commercials.

Patron robbed while inside The Dead Rabbit

Review: The Dead Rabbit cocktail bar and eatery

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One Response to Bloomberg leaves out Dead Rabbit in list of world’s best

  1. BPCResident says:

    Just saw your update review. Sadly, I had the same experience. After going there 3 times and enjoying myself, I followed it up with 3 visits that were absolutely horrible.

    The service was absolutely horrible, and the food had gotten notably worse in the span of just a few weeks. I haven’t been back since.

    This place is horrible and it’s a shame because when they first opened they were trying hard and doing things right.

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