Bloomberg may be a dweeb, but he’s a genius for Citi Bike

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Cardamom at FIKA

June 28, 2013- Opinion by Steven E. Greer, MD

This morning, I did something that I have never done before in my decades of living in Manhattan. I ventured beyond my immediate “hood” to get gourmet pastries and coffee in Tribeca at the awesome FIKA (Please do not go there. It is my spot). The ride was great exercise as well, easily burning off the few hundred calories from the freshly baked Swedish Cardamom roll.

Mayor Bloomberg has several initiatives that have succeeded or failed, which will define his legacy. I proclaim that the Citi Bike sharing program, if it continues to spread and thrive under the next mayors, will redefine transportation in New York City, and be what New Yorkers remember the most from the Bloomberg era.

It is easy to already forget, but just a few weeks ago, before the launch of Citi Bikes, the typical obstructionist visionless New Yorker despised the idea of Citi Bike racks going in on their streets. The Daily Show actually mocked them. It took perseverance and leadership, which was a challenge even for the richest man in New York, to accomplish the Citi Bike program.

Many of Bloomberg’s embarrassing gaffes, such as regulating 16-ounce sugary drinks, rigging the term limits process, and losing his battle against the MSG owners, will all long be forgotten ten years from now. However, the ability for New Yorkers to hop on a bike and drop it off at Point B, like a taxi without the smell and cost, will be remembered. (Eradicating smoking from restaurants and bars will be another major accomplishment for the history books).

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2 Responses to Bloomberg may be a dweeb, but he’s a genius for Citi Bike

  1. Roman says:

    If it was up to me, I’d elect Bloomberg again in a heartbeat, over Quinn, Weiner, or any other guys. All of those candidates are just plain embarrassing to have in the city after Guiliani and Bloomberg. There hasn’t been a single thing I’ve disagreed with him in years, banning and raising taxes on cigarettes, sugary drinks, installing citibikes, building bike lanes, how he handled the Hurricane, and screwing with the unions. And don’t forget the financial discipline, unlike all the previous mayors.
    Also the new Taxi design I like as well, its very spacious, I’m looking forward to them.
    If they could make all Taxis electric or at the very least hybrids, it would be a major step to cleaning up the air in NYC.

    Basically most people don’t realize how good they had it until its gone!

  2. David Halle says:

    Bloomberg is the best mayor I have experienced since I have lived in New York (1971-). Citi Bike is a fantastic program. For $100 a year you can eliminate moderate length subway rides, get exercise, and generally arrive sooner. Now we just need more dedicated bike lanes, since cycling really isn’t safe without them.

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