BPC needs a BREXIT-like exit

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BREXITUpdate June 24, 2016- BREXIT supporters won and the UK will leave the EU, likely triggering other countries to do the same.They are calling it their “Independence day”.

The British Pound and other currencies are crashing. This means it is a good time to book a vacation to Europe as the dollar will buy you more.

June 23, 2016- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Today, people in the United Kingdom are voting on whether to leave the EU and be free of the un-elected tyrants who run it. Few people even in Europe can name the leaders of the EU who spend their British money and dictate terms of immigration, and that is intentional.

Right here in the United States, we have a similar situation in many ways. The MTA and its incompetent mass transportation impacts the lives or more than 10 million Tri-State residents. Yet, the leaders of the MTA are unknown to almost all New Yorkers, and appointed by the governor.

Less abstract is the example of BPCA  appointed tyranny. Any viewer of BP.TV knows too well the hubris of the BPCA leadership under Dennis Mehiel. Letter after letter from the local elected officials are ignored.

There has been a bill making progress in Albany that would force the BPCA to have local residents on the board. This will accomplish nothing. The governor will simply pick some crony stooge to carry his water, such as Anthony Notaro or Martha Gallo.

The only solution to ending the EU-like tyranny of BPC is for the BPCA to be dismantled and BPC become part of the city, just like fancy Tribeca or the up-and-coming FiDi.

Some old people afraid of change claim that if the BPC becomes part of the city that the parks will deteriorate. Can the parks decline any worse than they are now?

Who in the UK benefits from the EU? The large companies do. The regular folks see their jobs exported to poorer countries.

Likewise, who benefits from the existence of the BPCA? The governor and his special interest donors are the only ones. He uses the $250 Million in annual revenue to divvy out political favors to contractors, who in turn donate to his coffers.

Wake up people of Battery Park. Demand a BREXIT and to have elected accountable leaders.

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2 Responses to BPC needs a BREXIT-like exit

  1. Dr. B says:

    Good stuff…

  2. Denver says:

    I prefer Governor appointed representatives to anyone associated with the corruption that seemingly permeates City Hall. We now have seven (more or less) people to deal with rather than the faceless bureaucracy of City Hall–a bureaucracy that, at worst, appears to be for sale to the highest bidders or, at best, can issue decrees that affect our daily lives while also ignoring residents’ concern. While the Authority has many critics, it does have responsibility for our neighborhood rather than the entire City. I prefer the “devil” that we know to the ones on City Council and City Hall that we don’t know.

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