BPCA: insurance covered damages caused by intentional flooding of Pier A

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December 11, 2013- The NYT has an article on the new commercial complex at Pier A. In it, the BPCA’s Gwen Dawson makes an interesting comment, “Separately, Hurricane Sandy set back the project for several months, with about $4.3 million in damage resulting from five feet of water rushing through parts of the building. Wiring and walls had to be replaced, and the exterior doors are now a more water-impervious mahogany, instead of pine, Ms. Dawson said……Insurance covered most of the tab, she added.”

NY Post covers BatteryPark.TV story about the FEMA investigation into BPCA

BPCA intentionally allowed Pier A to flood, collects FEMA money

Clever bookkeeping by BPCA understates cost overruns of Pier A

Pier A is shaping up to be an extension of the touristy Liberty Tours scene, with booze

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