BPCA announces that North Cove Marina will be out of service this year

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empty marina 3-12-2015April 21, 2015- At the April 14th BPCA meeting, it was announced that the work to epoxy and repair the piles that hold up the esplanade will extend to the inside of the North Cove Marina. The south side of the marina will not be in use for any boating activity. The north side was not mentioned. It was previously repaired last year.

This confirms BatteryPark.TV’s previous stories about the suspiciously low level of activity in the marina at such a late date in the season. IGY Marina, which will operate the marina, claims that they are accepting reservations for boats to dock after Memorial Day.

Meanwhile, the community events, such as the sailing club and schools, and the programs for inner city kids, will not take place at all this year. The BPCA ignored the wishes of the community, evicted Mike Fortenbaugh from the marina, and now will let the marina sit idle for at least a year.

Dennis Mehiel, the CEO of the BPCA, has orchestrated all of the events with the marina. His president is Shari Hyman.

Governor Cuomo’s senior advisor, Bill Mulroy, has been made aware of all of the details ongoing with Marina Gate. Plausible deniability cannot be used a defense by Albany.

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3 Responses to BPCA announces that North Cove Marina will be out of service this year

  1. dejavu says:

    Was a contract signed between BPCA and Brookfield and or IGY? Was that FOIL’ed. Ditto re the proposals from IGY and/or Brookfield and Fortenbaug – were those FOIL’ed. Can they be found anywhere?

    This is pretty shocking. Who is paying for the restoration? Does it come from the BPCA budget? Who supervises the work?

    If BPCA is paying for it, were they expecting Brookfield to pay in the “lease”?

    Did Brookfield back out this year because they did not want to be stuck with paying for and supervising this work? Would love to see the contracts for the repair work?

  2. Editor says:

    Yes. We requested the documents three months ago and they are ignoring FOIL law.

  3. Suzanne Temple says:

    These sorts of articles focusing on life in and around Battery Park City are what I turn to you for Thank you.

    Thank you fir continued excellent coverage of Battery Park.

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