Port Authority is holding up retail spaces under WTC

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April 10, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

The Port Authority controls the real estate under ground at the World Trade Center site, including the multi-level retail mall under the Silverstein Properties buildings. BatteryPark.TV recently gained exclusive access to this entire area. In our video tour, we pondered, “Where will the Apple store be”…. “We are a year away from completion”. Well, we were correct.

The Post reports that the Westfield group that is leasing out the retail sections is refusing to accept the handover of the space from the Port Authority for unknown reasons. As a result, the shops, including Eataly, Apple, etc. will unlikely be ready this calendar year.

BatteryPark.TV also recently reported on the onerous security measures by the Port Authority at the Freedom Tower, or One World Trace Center. Employees from companies in the building, such as Condé Nast, have to endure security on par with a military base.

Meanwhile, the governors of New Jersey and New York have told the Port Authority to sell its interest in the WTC site and get out of the office building business. The Port Authority has made no public announcement that it has any intentions of divesting the real estate.

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