BPCA is a no-show to CB1 meeting just days ahead of announcement on the North Cove Marina contract

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December 2, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

The BPCA’s esteemed “community affairs” person, Robin Forst, hired to replace the ousted Dynamic Duo of Anne Fenton and Matt Monahan, was scheduled to give an update to the CB1 tonight. However, she called in sick, leaving the board to gripe, “Couldn’t they have sent someone in her stead?”. Also, recall, last month, Ms. Forst was not present for the CB1 meeting, leaving only Kevin McCabe to attend and passively watch.

This raised the bigger issue of the BPCA still being opaque and secretive with the community. Asa  result, the CB1 passed a resolution with wording in it that was critical of the continued lack of cooperation from the BPCA. They cited the example of the crucial North Cove Marine RFP being issued in secret and Ms. Forst not bothering to even contact Mike Fortenbaugh, the current marina operator.

Recall, BatteryPark.TV exclusively learned that the RFP for the new operator of the marina was issued, and alerted the community. At the October CB1 meeting, BP.TV asked Ms. Forst why she did not tell the community, and she had no comment (see 2:00 mark of the video).

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  1. Chris says:

    Michael Fortenbaugh brought recreational sailing back to New York harbor after a seven-decade absence. He single-handedly showed the City what an incredible resource the waterfront truly is – and from the water looking inwards, not from a bulkhead or bridge looking outwards.

    And for those nay-sayers who slap an ‘elitist’ label on ‘yachting’, look to the not-for-profits established to share resources with City youth, and to the camp and school programs which successfully educate both young and old.

    Shame on you, BPCA, for your closed-door approach to what should be an open-air decision. Your marina, and our park, deserve better than to be turned into a real playground for the elite and their mega-yachts.

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