Confirmed: Brookfield Place now talking about “2016” as opening date

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225 Liberty entrance to Brookfield 1-11-2015September 24, 2014- BatteryPark.TV has been the only source to correctly warn the community that the Brookfield Place renovations had fallen far behind schedule, and that 2016 was the more likely opening date. Today, Brookfield issued a press release admitting that the Saks Fifth Avenue store will not open until 2016.

The release states, “Saks Fifth Avenue will anchor the collection of luxury retailers coming to Brookfield Place in 2016 as downtown’s first-ever luxury department store.”.

Recall, in 2011, when the entire community of BPC was forced to start using lengthy detours to get from north to south, Brookfield lied with large outdoor posters proclaiming “Coming in 2013”. Those posters then changed to “2014”. When Hudson Eats opened this year, Brookfield was claiming “Later this year” for the rest of the project.

Meanwhile, some tenants have been tricked into moving in, and regret it. Regus, an office space company, moved into Brookfield and promptly cancelled the lease one month later. The restaurants within Hudson Eats are struggling since they can be found only by insiders who work in the Brookfield space. Outsiders have to traverse elaborate construction mazes to find it.

The BPCA could pressure Brookfield to clean up its act. There is no evidence that the BPCA is doing anything of the kind.


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One Response to Confirmed: Brookfield Place now talking about “2016” as opening date

  1. lucy2012 says:

    BPCA and Brookfield Place are in bed together. It stands as the perfect reminder/example locally of why our government at all levels is at a standstill.

    We should let it sink in and perhaps we’ll wake up!

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