BPCA hires security to lockout Commodore Fortenbaugh from marina

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Fortenbaugh blocked by FJC security from marinaUpdate January 3, 2014- We spoke with a supervisor of FJC Security. They are the company contracted with the BPCA to handle security around Pier-A, not the marina. The FJC bosses were confused as to why they were relocated today to the North Cove Marina. They were completely unaware of the expired lease and RFP underway.

We have exclusively learned that the BPCA employee directly dealing with FJC Security today and relocating them is none other than Deshay Crabb. Last September, BatteryPark.TV exclusively reported how the BPCA allegedly violated anti-nepotism laws by hiring the wife of a Deshay Crabb.

Mr. Crabb had filed a complaint alleging that former BPCA President Demetri Boutris used the “N-word” and other egregious activity. Then, in what could be perceived as a bribe to keep Mr. Crabb silent, the BPCA awarded him a salary raise and also hired his wife. The entire employment matter was “investigated” internally by the BPCA rather than refer it to an outside investigative body.

It seems that the BPCA has duped this security company into illegally blocking Mike Fortenbaugh from accessing his boats, since there is no court order granting the BPCA permission to evict Mr. Fortenabaugh. Mr. Crabb is doing the dirty work for the BPCA.

January 2, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

Just days after receiving letters from all of the locally elected officials strongly urging the BPCA to cancel the RFP for a new operator of the marina, and to allow the current operator, Mike Fortenbaugh, to stay put, the BPCA has hired security guards to seal off the marina. FJC Security is prohibiting Commodore Fortenbaugh from entering the North Cove Marina and boarding his own boats docked.

This would seem to be a bad move politically. It amounts to a big middle finger from the BPCA being flashed to the elected officials. Shari Hyman is the President of the BPCA. She reports to the Chairman and CEO, Dennis Mehiel, who was appointed by Governor Cuomo.

Mr. Fortenbaugh is uncertain at this moment as to what to do next legally, or whether the BPCA is breaking the law. In residential apartment cases, locks on doors cannot be changed by landlords, etc, without first getting court permission. However, Mr. Fortenbaugh has a commercial lease.

Meanwhile, the BPCA has hired an in-house operator of the marina named Ted Wallace.

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4 Responses to BPCA hires security to lockout Commodore Fortenbaugh from marina

  1. Tracy Spinney says:

    An interesting way to respond to the wishes of the local community… Seems as though BPCA is more interested in playing games than moving forward in a productive way.

  2. John Duber says:

    Awful. Dirty. Corrupt.

    No way to treat a local businessman who’s done good things for this community.

    This is also a “big middle finger” to all of the BPC residents (like myself) who support the local official’s wish to keep the current marina manager in place.

  3. Liz says:

    it was funny.. over Christmas a couple of people asked “where is BPTV on the North Cove situation?” a number of people were surprised you weren’t going after them, like you did with Pier A.

  4. Editor says:

    To Liz

    No one has reported more on the BPCA scandals than I have. All of the reports in the Broadsheet and NY Times started with me. I first exposed the Andrew Farkas/Cuomo scandal, etc. I was the first one this weekend to report on the illegal BPCA lockout.

    No. I am not going to file another pro-se lawsuit as I did Pier-A. That took 100-ours of my life. I typed so long that I injured my neck for three months. Also, I aint no lawyer.

    I am sorry that the people who asked you about why we are not supporting the marina are too old to use Google and find our site online. That is their problem.

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