What we want is a brand new year

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December 31, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

A philosopher once wrote, “What we want is a brand new year. What we need is a brand new life. We’ll decide on our own destiny”. What Downtown New York needs is a good Spring cleaning, then to bring in some new ideas.

Everyone on the Community Board who has served for more than four years needs to go away and live a quiet life. Anthony Notaro and his ilk are nothing but water carriers for Sheldon Silver and the BPCA. The Battery Park City Authority needs to be dissolved, and the current leadership sued into the poor house for firing black female lawyers who just did their job. Brookfield Properties needs to sell the WFC buildings and get the hell out of our community. Gateway Plaza needs to be taken away from LeFrak and demolished, replaced with new affordable housing. The contract with the city parks department for “security” in the form of PEP needs to be cancelled, and real NYPD need to patrol BPC.

At the some time, we need to bring in new life and vitality. If Downtown were a separate city, it would be the fastest growing one in the Western hemisphere, perhaps. We need quality music halls, comedy clubs, and other culture. We need more community involvement in the sailing clubs, with the three BPC schools participating. We need more schools Dowtown, period.

We demand change.

“What we want is a brand new life
For every brother and sister – husband and wife
For the single and lonely, living in fear
What we want is a brand new year”

– see you in  2015

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