Ferry boat crashes at Vesey Street slip

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Ferry stuck 2Update August 15, 2015 (10:40 AM)- We arrived at the ferry slip at approximately 10:30 AM and the distressed yellow ferry taxi was gone. We asked the Port Authority employees in the ticket booth for information and they replied, “We cannot give you any information because they gave us no information.”.

We confirmed that the passengers were stranded on the boat during the period of time that the boat was stuck 90-degrees out of position on the slip.

This incident should have been reported to the NYFD and Coast Guard and the slip should have been closed to other incoming boats. Instead, other boats were still docking alongside the stranded boat as if nothing was happening and no authorities were called. The poorly regulated ferry boat company and captain of the boat committed what amounts to a hit-and-run.

We then spoke with the senior-most officer of the Coast Guard for this area, Captain Gordon Loebl. He agreed that this incident should have been reported and he is tracking down the boat now.

August 15, 2015 (10:03 AM)- We have received a tip that a ferry boat has crashed into the Vesey Street slip. The passengers are unable to get off the boat. Stay tuned.

These ferry boats crash routinely (see below). It is why they should not be allowed to dock at Pier-A.

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