Broadsheet fails to disclose conflicts on interest

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CB1 9-2-2014September 5, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

On September 2nd, the CB1 met and several important topics were discussed, which BatteryPark.TV promptly reported. However, the most recognized “local paper”, the Broadsheet (BS), which did have reporter Matt Fenton present, issued no reports of the meeting until today, three days later.

Mr. Fenton reported on supposed concerns in the community over slow response times by the FDNY and their EMS squads. In his usual style of meeting word quotas, Mr. Fenton used 836 words to describe what was actually a brief soapbox speech by his wife, Justine Cuccia.

Ms. Cuccia is not part of the CB1, but holds an honorary “public member” title, so they allow her to site amongst the CB1 board and speak as if she were a member. Using this platform, she told a story about how she recently witnessed a man in distress in the parks, and how the EMS took 22-minures to arrive.

In Mr. Fenton’s BS article, he never mentions one iota about his wife’s speech. He only reports on a second person who echoed the concerns.

Proper journalism ethics require a reporter or news agency to mention when a personal relative is part of the story. The BS failed to disclose this conflict of interest.

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