Broadsheet helps promote disgraced Sheldon Silver

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June 29, 2015- The Broadsheet (BS) staff have long been working with Sheldon Silver. After his arrest and indictment, the BS barely reported on it. Since then, the BS has been trying to portray Mr. Silver as a viable and liked politician.

Today, writer Matt Fenton and publisher Robert Simko decided to post a story about the wondrous tax incentives created by Shelly Silver. In the article, the only mention of Mr. Silver’s ongoing criminal case was, “Mr. Silver (who remains in the Assembly, but stepped down as Speaker earlier this year, amid a corruption scandal)”.

“Stepped down”? That sounds so voluntary. He was pushed out.

“Corruption scandal”? That sounds so benign. He was arrested and indicted on multiple counts of bribery and kickbacks that made him rich at the expense of the citizens on the city.

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