New head of EDC appointed

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June 30, 2015- Mayor De Blasio appointed the new head of the EDC to replace Kyle Kimble. Maria Torres-Springer will be the first woman to run the office. “Ms. Torres-Springer, 38, is the first woman to run the agency, which manages the city’s assets and negotiates with companies seeking subsidies and other breaks from the city. During the administration of Mr. de Blasio’s predecessor, Michael R. Bloomberg, she was the chief of staff to the president of the development corporation, Seth W. Pinsky.”, according to the NYT.

Now, the big question is whether she will continue to support the tourist helicopters that take off from the Seaport and cause noise. Also, will she make it easier or harder for Howard Hughes corp. to build a skyscraper on the water in the Seaport?

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