Broadsheet praises Downtown Alliance safety officers who are far more incompetent than AlliedBarton

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Broadsheet storyFebruary 26, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

We have previously detailed how The Broadsheet, TribecaTrib, and other local advertising fliers masquerading as “news” are in bed with the city and state establishment. They survive by taking ads from The Downtown Alliance, Manhattan Youth, The BPCA, etc.

Earlier this week, The Broadsheet posted another egregious piece of propaganda that tried to impugn the reputation of the new AlliedBarton security in our area and blame them for the homeless problem. Today, Robert Simko’s Broadsheet posts a humiliatingly bad story that praises the competence of the Downtown Alliance security forces.

Yes. You read that correctly.

The article states, “In the aggregate, these important — but often unnoticed — actions contribute to making Lower Manhattan a better, safer place. The Alliance’s 58 safety and security personnel undergo a level of training that some Lower Manhattan residents might find surprising. Several have attended multi-week training programs provided by the New York Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In the nearly 20 years that the Alliance has been fielding Public Safety Officers, crime in Lower Manhattan has dropped considerably and the residential population has more than doubled.

The group’s mission has changed with the times. Today, in addition to counterterrorism training, the Alliance’s public safety team is also coached on providing Lower Manhattan’s 11.5 million annual tourists with directions, district maps, and recommendations on local attractions. But they also respond as a unit to grave crises, such as 2013’s Hurricane Sandy, when eight officers remained at their posts and on duty for 72 consecutive hours, providing crucial on-the-ground updates in real time about weather conditions, street closures, and flood impacts in Lower Manhattan.”

The claim that the Downtown Alliance forces are well trained and have lowered crime are unsubstantiated. In fact, the regions of Lower Manhattan where these security forces are supposed to be patrolling are the highest in violent crime. In particular, the zones by the Staten Island Ferry and the The Battery have been plagued by career criminals selling bogus tickets and roughing up tourists. The Downtown Alliance security have been ineffective at curbing this.

Why is The Broadsheet willing to praise the Downtown Alliance security forces while it slams the much more competent AlliedBarton? The Downtown Alliances gives tens of thousands of dollars of “advertising” to The Broadsheet and other establishment rags each year. Meanwhile, AlliedBarton is what replaced the fired city PEP officers, which were the face of the city establishment in our neighborhood.

(Editor’s note: Ask your building why the Broadsheet is allowed to have preferential treatment and display on your desks.)

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2 Responses to Broadsheet praises Downtown Alliance safety officers who are far more incompetent than AlliedBarton

  1. India1901 says:

    They do a fantastic job, look at the selfless and fearless things they do and are rewarded for.

    “Last May, Officer Joseph Zapata came upon a pair of women arguing with a food cart operator, who they claimed had overcharged them for two hot dogs. Following Officer Zapata’s intervention, the vendor agreed to return the women’s money.” 🙂

  2. Jon says:

    The Downtown Alliance is nothing but a jobs creation program for the people who would otherwise be on welfare. These red uniformed staff are pathetic. Crime on Stone Street is out of control with drunks from the bars and they do nothing.

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