More pro-establishment propaganda from The Broadsheet

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February 25, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

Despite the local establishment’s best efforts, the city PEP officers were fired by the BPCA and replaced by more competent, more numerous, private security forces from Allied Barton.

Well, that isn’t sitting well with them. The local mouthpiece for the elected officials, The Broadsheet, is still pumping out egregious propaganda trying to smear the private security.

Today, the Broadsheet posted an article in The Broadsheet about how a local woman was supposedly “accosted” by a homeless man on the wooden boardwalk of South Cove. However, Fenton spends most of his words trying to blame AlliedBarton for the city’s homeless problems, and calls them incompetent.

In actuality, the AlliedBarton proved their superiority to the former PEP security because an AlliedBarton guard was nearby and easily found by the woman in distress. But that is not how Fenton reports it. He wrote, “(after the homeless man passed out and was no longer “accosting” the woman, the woman said:) “We asked the AlliedBarton guard to call an ambulance, but he said he wasn’t allowed to do anything except call his supervisor. He was very nice, but he didn’t take control of the situation.”

So, a homeless man stumbled toward a woman in the South Cove, then passed out cold, while an AlliedBarton guard was within eyesight and quickly called, and yet this is somehow “incompetent” security? Because the guard did not handcuff the face-down unconscious man or call 911 before asking his supervisor, he did a bad job?

(Editor’s note: AlliedBarton should consider a defamation suit against these local propaganda papers paid by the city, the Downtown Alliance, Manhattan Youth, and other establishment entities.

Also, ask your building why the Broadsheet is allowed to have preferential treatment and display on your desks.)

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  1. M R says:

    The new security are a highly visible presence outside ps 89 each morning which is a positive for the community.

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