Brookfield Place ice sculptures

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Brookfield ice sign

Ice kissingice display wideIce peacockIce dogsIce love frameIce loveIce flowerIce love Ice swansIce swan


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  1. Morgan -the Gateway marijuana problem says:

    I realize this may not be correct section but Gateway not only has a problem with electricity but it’s becoming a POT den
    This is not a Friday night thing.its every night ..very Heavy pot from 6pm -12 so strong that if you inhale you will be high. It’s seeping thru the walls and my childrens clothes are stinking with pot. My 3 year old keeps asking what the smell is. This cannot be good for children or adults. A lot of residents are complaining but nothing has been done. It’s too cold to air our apartment out every night with the electricity being so expensive, it’s somewhat surprising with the police commissioner living here one could be so brazen…last time I checked this wasn’t Colorado.

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