Danny Meyer admits he “puts too much on his plate”

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November 16, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

In this Crain’s video, Danny Meyer takes credit for building the community of BPC, despite the fact that he has treated North End Grill like the black sheep of his family and rarely ever visits it these days. Also, BPC was undergoing a renaissance with or without Danny Meyer’s overpriced food. Goldman Sachs is the reason that BPC went from No-Man’s Land to desirable location. (I have actually proposed that we change the name from Battery Park City to Goldman Sachs’ City (note the apostrophe connoting ownership)).

Mr. Meyer seems to be trying to re-write history. He mentions that the closing of Tabla was his big regret, and implies that it happened only because of the recession, but he makes no mention of the fact that the same chef from Tabla also failed to work out at North End Grill. Danny was absent and watched too long as the North End Grill experiment was failing. The new chef is now having to rebuild the goodwill burned by the old chef. Better leadership would have spotted problems faster and made corrective action sooner.

The facts are that Blue Smoke, North End Grill, and even Shake Shack have all struggled with various issues vetted in the press. They have lost business lately, changed chefs and managers, changed French fries at Shake Shack only to go back to the original, been accused by Major League Baseball of food poisoning at Mets Stadium, scorned for opening a beer hall at the sacred 9/11 Memorial, and all because of a lack of leadership at the top.

Danny Meyer is no longer even running the show. He sold out, literally, giving 40% of the company to a private equity shop and hiring a man to do what he used to do.

Have you ever once spotted Danny Meyer in our community? He is as rare as a Himalayan Snow Leopard.

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